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Category: 2006

Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX)

Posted on 2017-03-27  in 2006, simulator

Flight simulator | Standard, Deluxe and Gold editions | Single-player and multiplayer | Microsoft Game Studios | 2006.

How to land: F8: extend flaps. Descend below 2000 feet. G: extend gear. Approach around 100 knots. Slow down to 80 while align with runway. Nose up. Gently touch down. Press period to apply brakes.

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Category: 2006

Heroes of Might and Magic V

Posted on 2017-03-16  in 2006, fantasy, RPG, strategy

Fantasy turn-based strategy RPG | Haven, Inferno, Necropolis, Dungeon, Sylvan and Academy factions | Single-player, single-system multiplayer, network play | Ubisoft | 2006.

On day 1 make a tavern to get a spare hero of your faction. Expansion packs add Fortress and Stronghold alignments. For Stronghold: upgrade goblins to trappers to keep your centaurs safe.

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Category: 2006

Rising Force Online

Posted on 2017-02-24  in 2006, fantasy, MMORPG, sci-fi

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) | Science Fiction and Fantasy | Free-to-play | Confirmed relaunch | RedFox Games | 2006.

Attack power can be increased with Keen Talic (close and long range weapons). Defense power can be increased with Favor Talic (all armors). Critical rate can be increased with Chaos Talic (close and long range weapons).

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