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Category: 2009

Empire: Total War

Posted on 2017-03-15  in 2009, strategy

Turn-based strategy and real-time tactics | Early modern period of the 18th century | Single player and multiplayer | Special Forces Edition, The Warpath Campaign expansion DLC | Sega | 2009.

Get as many trade partners as possible. Low taxes makes towns growing faster. Protect your trade ports from raids.

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Category: 2009

League of Legends

Posted on 2017-02-27  in 2009, fantasy, MOBA

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) | Inspired by DOTA | Freemium, Microtransactions | Riot Games | 2009.
Tanks should play on Top. Solid ability power champions should play on Mid. Supporters should play on the bottom lane.

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