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Category: 2013


Posted on 2017-03-30  in 2013, FPS

First-person shooter open world survival | Set in fictional post-Soviet state of Chernarus | Single player and Multiplayer | Bohemia Interactive | 2013.

Do not run across open fields. During the night: increase the brightness and gamma. Be extra careful: players could be more dangerous than zombies.



Category: 2013


Posted on 2017-03-03  in 2013, fantasy, MOBA

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) | Fantasy | Free-to-play | Valve | 2013.

Put your empty bottle to inventory of a teleporting ally to be filled immediately. Have portal scrolls after the laneing phase. Switch power treads to STR if attacked, to INT if casting spell or to AGI when regenerating.

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Category: 2013

Dead Space 3

Posted on 2017-02-20  in 2013, horror, sci-fi

Sci-fi survival horror | Resource Integration Gear suit | Electronic Arts Inc. | 2013.

Use a workbench as soon as you can. Remember your checkpoint due to autosave system it will put you back to the last autosave place. You should play on Hard difficulty to have a deeper experience.

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