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Quick review: If content is king, then No Man’s Sky is…

Posted on 2017-04-05  in 2016, adventure, iPlay, sci-fi, simulator

Let’s fix this ship!

No Man's Sky
I was really happy when I have installed No Man’s Sky. Everything was perfect. A whole new universe in around 2.6 gigabyte… Great graphics and interesting story about a traveller stranded on a mysterious planet…
Later I was excited about fixing my ship, collecting materials and interact with other lifeforms.
The music was fine, although the game was a bit too heavy for my PC. I had to lower the graphics a little bit and after that the game worked smoothly.

No Man's Sky

First takeoff

When I finally collected all the necessary materials I was able to takeoff. And here comes the interesting part of the game: the exploration of new planets.
I had visited more than 20 planets so far and increased the number of slots in my suit. I have also exchanged my ship to a better looking and more advanced fighter ship. There is no pirate who can stop me now 🙂
No Man's Sky
The other interesting part of this game is the scientific aspect. You can scan and categorize the flora and the fauna of each planet.
It is also possible to learn alien languages and interact with alien traders. You can buy or sell materials using the galactic trade terminal.No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky’s Aftertaste

After playing No Man’s Sky for some days I had to realize that there are some limitations which cannot be covered with its great procedural world-building mechanism. This is the lack of a stronger guidance. This game is so open, addressing so wide range of aspects that sometimes I forgot why I have just landed on the next planet the other day. Maybe it was about to investigate some new abandoned buildings or just my curiosity about this fresh, undiscovered planet?
No Man's Sky
This game just grabs you and push you into a spaceship and lunches into the deep cosmos without any further limitations. And this openness becomes boring after some time. Nowadays I just play for fun and relaxation, but not for “winning” or “levelling” like I have played in other games.
No Man's Sky

Your opinion matters!

Please comment how do you feel about this game if you have already played it! My opinion is that if content is king, then No Man’s Sky is a Korvax Convergence Cube of the game Freelancer.


Category: 2016

No Man’s Sky

Posted on 2017-03-29  in 2016, action, adventure, sci-fi, simulator

Action adventure survival | Procedural generated open universe over 18 quintillion planets | Single player | Hello Games | 2016.

Mine gold, emeril or heridium on Planets and sell them at Space Stations. Collect extremely valuable Atlas Stones. Upgrade suit inventory at drop pods.

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Category: 2016

Dark Souls III

Posted on 2017-03-28  in 2016, action, RPG

Action RPG | Apocalypse, Collector’s and Prestige Edition | Single-player and multiplayer | Bandai Namco Entertainment | 2016.

Use Embers when health is low because it not just extends the total size of the health bar, but it also gives a free refill. Stamina recovery is slower when shield is raised. Don’t be greedy.

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