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Category: adventure

Stranded on Proteus 2 – Part 11

Posted on 2017-05-06  in 2017, adventure, iPlay, sci-fi

I have fixed video transmission too, so from now on I am able to send video recordings of my space-journey back to Earth… 🙂


Category: adventure

The Friendship – Part 3

Posted on 2017-04-28  in 2017, adventure, iWrite, sci-fi

( Read Part 2. here: )

a. D. 2502.: Planet Gliese667Cc

The locator of Watchers reported troop movements down on Gliese667Cc. “StatusReport” ordered.

The navigator moved the spaceship closer to the event so they could determine what is happening. It was all as calculated. “FinalBattle” started.

Since the locator had no feelings at all, he just watched the battle between the mantis monsters and the native jaguars. All of the grey entities knew what will happen next. “PlanetOccupation” prepared.

Midori ordered the mantis horde to let the jaguars win this time before the battle even started. She watched the battle from a near mountain with a binocular. When she saw Olmec and his loyal jaguars won she was happy. “Now you got what you wanted.”

Olmec and his warriors finally fought themselves through the horde. He was happy when he could start climbing up to the mountain. “I am coming Midori!” … “I will set you free…”





Category: adventure

The Friendship – Part 2

Posted on 2017-04-26  in 2017, adventure, iWrite, sci-fi

( Read Part 1. first here: )

a. D. 2502.: Planet Gliese667Cc

Midori ordered two mantis monsters to bring her the chest that was full with special equipment from Earth.

“What is your next move, my friend?” Whispered Midori while she released a drone from the chest.

She already knew where Olmec was hiding. She navigated the drone near to the old temple of Ajaw.

She found him there and could see and hear Olmec and the other jaguar-soldiers.

Olmec was the ajaw-jaguar, the shaman and king of his people. They were in big trouble since the alien mantis monster horde have arrived and captured main outposts and collected precious resources. He could barely escape from the main temple last time. There were that human – Midori – who helped him to escape…

Olmec was in a middle of a ritual. His remaining people was around him praying to the gods, to the ancient ajaw-jaguar kings lived long time ago.

They were sending messages from the outside world trough the smoke of the sacred fire that Olmec had just started.

“Our kings, ” started the appeal Olmec, “be with us!” He threw some magic-powder to the fire and he and his people started to see the kings above the fire. They were looking to the stars and after that they were whispering to Olmec: “We will.” … “Always be with you.”

These were hard times to the jaguar-nation. Lots of them were already serving the old kings in the outside world. The ritual ended, the gods vanished and Olmec remained near to the blew out smoke.

He turned to his people and decided what to do next. “Jaguars!” started the order. “Bring Midori here!” “We need to talk.”

Midori was smiling. “Finally…”



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