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Our TOP10 Promotion Tips for You ;-)

Posted on 2017-05-23  in 2017, iWrite

1.  Visit once a day.

2.  Comment on a new post on that site and give your website address or youtube channel link.

3.  Make friends by commenting on other commenters.

4.  Share with your friends so they will probably visit your links too.

5.  Make a guest post on so more people will see how great you are in what you do.

6.  Social media sharing those posts are also a good idea.

7.   Paypal donate to:    for covering the site maintenance costs.

8.   Check other pages with Alexa-plugin installed to your browser so the alexa-ranking increases and so you will have more visitors visiting your links too.

9.   Link building for better google search ranking.

10. Enjoy your stay in the World of PC Gamers… 🙂



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Sea Lion Attack

Posted on 2017-05-22  in 2017, iWrite

Sea Lion in Pokemon

Sea Lion in Reality

A sea lion attacks and drags a young girl into the waters…


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Somebody Wanted to be Famous

Posted on 2017-05-21  in 2017, iWrite

Surfing on the internet I have found this strange, hidden behaviour people are doing secretly these days. Nobody wants to tell you, not even trying to explain, but it is there even from the beginning in his/her facebook post, youtube video, or twitter message…

Social media can skyrocket your business – for sure – but do we really need to do this to hit the Jackpot? This method seems to be viral and protected since there are no questions asked about it and it is the best-selling technique man has ever invented.

Facebook is the most secured platform for that and those results can be seen there immediately. Think about the billion likes and shares someone can aquire by simply sharing a well-written blogpost on facebook. It is simple, quick and easy. The best part is that sharing is free, tested and popular nowadays.

Lets consider what is behind the scenes. Most of the time it is money, of course. Put some extra dollar to the pocket, buy some luxurious gift, or for the most talented ones: triple the six-figure savings…

But cash is not the only reason people are doing this backdoor method. Most of the time they just wanted to be famous. Being anonymous is just not cool nowadays and privacy can be cancelled anytime. The greatest treasure of being rich and famous is not far away and the best this is that it is cheap, guaranteed and proven.

Are you going to hear any confessions about it? Will it be ever banned, censored, or at least unauthorized? No. It is just not likely to happen. This can be just forgotten after it is used…

We are designing, shaping and exploring the world around us. Most of the time just for pure entertainment, but sometimes also for basic survival. It seems that words can create worlds…

But what happens if someone make videos, posts, comments that are not coming from his/her heart or they are not informative or even pure lies? How can we trust anything that is on the internet? Is there something we can do about this? If we cannot stop the alternation of our common mental-world can we probably reduce the speed of the unwanted changes a little bit?

The answer depends on us. If we look around us and see some friends making videos and comments that probably are not something that he/she wanted to say, or wear or act then we already see these things. Maybe he/she does not even know that doing these kind of things just for money or just for being famous is not a good direction on the long run. We are going to inform him/her about this topic and start discussion…