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Posted on 2017-09-20  in 2017, sci-fi, Software



Category: Software

Celestia: Free Space Simulation Software to Explore the Universe

Posted on 2017-05-06  in 2017, simulator, Software


Celestia v1.6.1


This is a realistic 3D space simulator / astronomy software. It is based on the Hipparcos catalogue ( and NASA is also using it for educational purpose.

You can download this free planetarium software from here:


Category: Software

How Protected Folder Software From IObit Can Improve Your Security

Posted on 2017-05-05  in 2017, Software

Protected Folder software from IObit is the most trusted and also an easy-to-use password protection tool for your important folders. Protecting your private data has of course lots of benefits, so lets give this software a try!

Case Study


IObit is a world leading system utility and security software provider with more than 250 million users in 220 Countries Worldwide. I have checked their website using and I have found that they have around 270 000 unique visitors each day and their actual Alexa global traffic rank is 2 032, which is pretty beautiful, isn’t it? Currently they have a files protection tool that was recently updated with a new feature. Considering this, it seems to be a qualified candidate to be reviewed here! 🙂 I would like to introduce one of their product here, so keep reading…


First, I have downloaded the software from the IObit website:

Protected Folder Software IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit can be downloaded from IObit site

The downloaded file (PF-Setup.exe) is about 3 MByte, that is fine.

Install and Run

After the quick installation, I got this window:

Protected Folder Software from IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit requires a password to be set

I have created my password and a short hint just for the case I would forgot my password.

Using the Software

After that I only had to drag-and-drop my files into the target window of the software:

Protected Folder Software from IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit is easy-to-use

I have quickly made a test.txt file using Total Commander and Notepad++, that contains my test “secret information”: E=m*c2

Protected Folder stated that the status of my test file is: Protected.

I only had to click on the: Lock&Exit button to finish the process.

Testing the software

When I went back to Total Commander, I could not find my test file there.

Ok, that is nice, lets go back to Protected Folder and see if I can view this file again! The following window showed up when I have started the software:

Protected Folder Software from IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit – Password is required to re-open your protected folder

Lets just type wrong password to it just for testing purpose! It informed me that it is a wrong password and my hint has been also showed up for some seconds.

After typing the correct password I could see my test.txt file again there. I could even open it from there with my Notepad++ text editor.

After unlocking my test file from Protected Folder, the file appeared in Total Commander in the folder where I have initially created it. 🙂



It is really an easy-to-use password protection tool software for your important files. I was satisfied how well did it work. Its fast, useful and the window style and animations are also professional. I recommend all of my blog readers to give it a try!


After going trough all of this review process, it is still not clear to me what should I do if I cannot remember the password even with my hint. If you can figure it out please comment it here! 🙂


Considering all of these, I hereby give the people at IObit our brand-new award:

Good Will Badge from World of PC Gamers Com


Tip: you can find other useful utility software at the IObit official website: .