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Celestia: Free Space Simulation Software to Explore the Universe

Posted on 2017-05-06  in 2017, simulator, Software


Celestia v1.6.1


This is a realistic 3D space simulator / astronomy software. It is based on the Hipparcos catalogue ( and NASA is also using it for educational purpose.

You can download this free planetarium software from here:


Category: Software

How Protected Folder Software From IObit Can Improve Your Security

Posted on 2017-05-05  in 2017, Software

Protected Folder software from IObit is the most trusted and also an easy-to-use password protection tool for your important folders. Protecting your private data has of course lots of benefits, so lets give this software a try!

Case Study


IObit is a world leading system utility and security software provider with more than 250 million users in 220 Countries Worldwide. I have checked their website using and I have found that they have around 270 000 unique visitors each day and their actual Alexa global traffic rank is 2 032, which is pretty beautiful, isn’t it? Currently they have a files protection tool that was recently updated with a new feature. Considering this, it seems to be a qualified candidate to be reviewed here! 🙂 I would like to introduce one of their product here, so keep reading…


First, I have downloaded the software from the IObit website:

Protected Folder Software IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit can be downloaded from IObit site

The downloaded file (PF-Setup.exe) is about 3 MByte, that is fine.

Install and Run

After the quick installation, I got this window:

Protected Folder Software from IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit requires a password to be set

I have created my password and a short hint just for the case I would forgot my password.

Using the Software

After that I only had to drag-and-drop my files into the target window of the software:

Protected Folder Software from IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit is easy-to-use

I have quickly made a test.txt file using Total Commander and Notepad++, that contains my test “secret information”: E=m*c2

Protected Folder stated that the status of my test file is: Protected.

I only had to click on the: Lock&Exit button to finish the process.

Testing the software

When I went back to Total Commander, I could not find my test file there.

Ok, that is nice, lets go back to Protected Folder and see if I can view this file again! The following window showed up when I have started the software:

Protected Folder Software from IObit

Protected Folder Software from IObit – Password is required to re-open your protected folder

Lets just type wrong password to it just for testing purpose! It informed me that it is a wrong password and my hint has been also showed up for some seconds.

After typing the correct password I could see my test.txt file again there. I could even open it from there with my Notepad++ text editor.

After unlocking my test file from Protected Folder, the file appeared in Total Commander in the folder where I have initially created it. 🙂



It is really an easy-to-use password protection tool software for your important files. I was satisfied how well did it work. Its fast, useful and the window style and animations are also professional. I recommend all of my blog readers to give it a try!


After going trough all of this review process, it is still not clear to me what should I do if I cannot remember the password even with my hint. If you can figure it out please comment it here! 🙂


Considering all of these, I hereby give the people at IObit our brand-new award:

Good Will Badge from World of PC Gamers Com


Tip: you can find other useful utility software at the IObit official website: .




Category: Software

AdBlock Notify

Posted on 2017-04-20  in 2017, Software

I would like to introduce AdBlock Notify to you since it is a very useful utility. Some years ago, ads were only banner ads with various sizes. I used to get to know about new products and services and that was just fine. But after that, pop-up/pop-under and full-page ads appeared and ads have just become really annoying. Not to mention the unfair redirects and other tricky methods…

Around 7 years ago, there appeared a solution for all those annoying ads. That was the AdBlock content filtering and ad blocking extension for browsers. With AdBlock or AdBlock Plus you could eliminate all of those annoying ads (but sadly together with the good-old banner ads).

Due to all of these methods, the income of site owners began to fall and some site even had to close due to financial problems…

As a counter-move, there came a solution for this: AdBlock Notify (by ThemeIsle). After you install this WordPress plugin to your site you can notify your visitors that they can support you by disabling the AdBlocker for that site. It is supposed to only show the notification if the AdBlocker is enabled for that site. You can create your own notification message where you describe why you ask your visitors to
put your site to white-list and other further useful customization is also possible. There is also a very useful free-version edition 🙂

I am using AdBlock Notify in this site for about 3 months now and I am really satisfied with it. The only issue I had is that when I am using my smart-phone and I disable the image downloading in the browser of my phone (for better bandwidth management and faster surfing) this adblocker notification is shown. It is interesting that AdSense knows if images are disabled and instead of showing nothing it shows the text ads, which is correct IMHO.

Considering all of these, my advice for you guys is quite simple:

* First, you should install AdBlocker extension to your browser to remove annoying pop-up ads while you are surfing. If you like a site for it has good, useful content (and especially if it is using only banner ads like then put that site to the white-list of your AdBlocker.

* Second, you should install AdBlock Notify plugin for all of your WordPress sites and customize it to your needs.

* Don’t make sites that are disturbing your visitors! If your content is great then your reward should be lots of impressions.

Be cool! 🙂

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